Margaret Wille & Associates LLLC is a general practice law firm in Hawaii with attorneys located in Honolulu and Hawaii Island.  Our civil practice is not limited to particular areas of law.


OUR APPROACH: We are problem solvers. Our attorneys and support team work with you first to assess your options in order to resolve legal issues in an effective and cost efficient manner. We are not intimidated by power and size but motivated by justice and fairness.


PRACTICE AREAS:  We are open to tackling most any legal problem in the area of civil practice. Examples of past and current case subjects are: neighbor and boundary disputes; unfair competition; bad faith insurance; land use disputes (including zoning, subdivision and other governmental approvals and permits); protection of the environment; civil rights; home owner association matters; malpractice, will drafting and probate matters; public housing rights and landlord tenant disputes, foreclosure and quiet title matters, immigration, business contracts; civil assault. We are also available to take on public interest legislative matters.